What is Your League of Legends Account Value If You Wanted to Sell It?

Ever wanted to know how much your League of Legends account value would be if you decided to sell it one day? A lot of people have tried to sell their accounts in the past only to be surprised at how much merchants or veteran sellers price them. There is a reason why League of Legends accounts have such a low value when selling them to another person and if you ever wanted to know if you’re being scammed, here are some reasons that might be the case.

League of Legends Account Value Factors

There are many factors to review when it comes to determining the League of Legends account value if you’re planning to sell it. Remember that the value of your account is NEVER the amount of money you spent on the account itself. Factors such as how much money you spent on skins, the time you spent playing the game, and other sentimental factors won’t increase the value of your account. In fact, the amount of money you spent on that account will never be reimbursed with a 1:1 value.

Pyke as a fallen knight - League of Legends account value
What is your League of Legends account value?

You’ll never get the full value of your account back unless you are super lucky and find some clueless rich guy that’s willing to hear out your price. In fact, you’ll probably only get a maximum of 40% reimbursement depending on the different relevant factors that merchants use to evaluate an account’s price. Let’s take a look at all the League of Legends account value factors that you need to know about.

Ranked Division & ELO

The biggest factor when it comes to evaluating an account is its ELO and rank. This is often the factor that buyers look at when they are purchasing an account from a third-party and it can really give your account a massive price tag if you are at least Diamond and above. Any rank below Diamond usually have extremely low prices so if you’re planning to sell your low-ranked account, be prepared to sell it for less than $50.

The different ranked divisions in LoL - League of Legends account value
Higher rank, higher price!

ELO is also a good factor when calculating price. However, this isn’t really something that you can show to potential buyers since it is a hidden statistic that people can’t easily access. Usually, your ranked division is the rough estimate of your account’s ELO. If your account has a history of being in the lower ranks before this season, buyers can also use that to determine that it has a terrible MMR that people won’t want to deal with in the future.

Champions & Blue Essence

Having a complete champion roster is the best way to sell your account for a decent price. The second biggest reason people like buying smurf accounts is because they don’t want the hassle of trying to farm enough blue essence to buy all 160+ champions in the current roster. They also don’t want to subscribe to the XBox Battle Pass since they might not be into a lot of other games outside of League of Legends.

The list of owned champions and mastery - League of Legends account value
Gotta get ’em all!

In addition to the number of champions your account currently has unlocked, it’s also important to know the amount of Blue Essence it currently has. Once Riot Games starts rolling out new champions, the person buying your account probably doesn’t want to start farming blue essence again to buy those 7300 and 6300 BE champions.

Legendary Skins

The number of skins is probably what sellers overestimate the most when trying to determine their own League of Legends account value. It’s important to keep in mind that the large majority of people who are looking to buy League of Legends accounts probably don’t even have skins as their primary point of consideration. Especially when people have different tastes when it comes to skins since people like different champions.

List of skins purchased recently - League of Legends account value
Nice skins!

If you do want to put skins as a factor for considering the price for your account, the only skins that are relevant are legendary & ultimate skins, skins that can’t be obtained anymore, and overall number. If your account owns about 50% of the skins available in the game, it’ll definitely add to the value. Other than that, the amount of skins you own will not affect the pricing of your account enough to get a really good deal.

How Much Would the Calculation Be Made?

Now that you know the factors that are used to calculate League of Legends account value in the marketplace, let’s calculate how much your account will be. You need to lower your expectations and not expect your account to be sold anywhere higher than $200 regardless of its contents. Unless the account was previously owned by Faker, there’s no way anyone is willing to spend over $200 for a 2nd-hand League of Legends account.

The average value of an account with a great score in all the factors we listed about is probably $50. If you’re surprised by that amount, you’ll be in for a horrible reality check from the market. There are many factors why account prices are so low but it all boils down to demand. In the first place, there aren’t that many people looking to buy League of Legends accounts with a budget of over $20.

Where Should I Sell My Skins?

The best place to sell your skins are to third-party marketplace websites. Directly selling your account has a high chance of getting lost to scammers. While it is true that you’d probably get a higher price when you sell it directly, you’re an easy target for scammers if you don’t have a lot of experience trading accounts. There’s also the chance of the account getting banned if you don’t follow the proper steps to transfer account ownership.

League of Legends account sold in Amazon - League of Legends account value
Be careful where you list your accounts!

If you do decide to put your account on sale online, you’ll always want to transfer ownership of an account physically. Remember that you need to surrender all credentials relating to that account including the email you used to create it. If you can’t surrender the email you used, you probably can’t sell the account because buyers will always fear the possibility of you being a scammer who will use the Account Recovery system.

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