Where To Get The Best LoL Esports Updates On The Internet!

The League of Legends esports scene is becoming one of the hottest topics in the gaming community, especially now that Worlds is drawing nearer. It’s no wonder that a lot of people want to get the best LoL esports updates so that they don’t get left behind in the conversation. However, a lot of people can’t help but feel that their opinions about various topics can feel lacking or incorrect so they want to do a bit more digging so that they never get left behind when it comes to the LoL esports scene.

The Best Way To Get LoL Esports Updates!

As LoL journalists, there are various resources that we use to make sure that we’re always updated on the topics regarding LoL esports. Most of these resources are easily accessible and don’t require the person to have an in-depth web of connections or paid resources just to get the juiciest tidbits of information. Whether you’re a casual fan or a hardcore viewer, you may want to take a look at some of the best ways we get our LoL esports updates on the internet.

Dagda discussing the map in EUM - LoL Esports Updates
Do you want the latest LoL Esports Updates?

To ascend from being a casual fan that simply listens to their friends in a conversation to becoming the actual person who contributes the topics is a great way to assert your dominance in your friend circle. Kidding aside, having knowledge of LoL esports updates can actually be a productive endeavor, especially if you’re pursuing a job that requires you to learn about these things such as LoL analysts, scouts, or esports journalism. Here are the best ways you can do so.

9. Watch Match Highlights or Live Games

The best way to get LoL esports updates is getting to actually see the games. No one likes a pretentious person who only gets their news from a third party and acts as if they were actually watching the games. Seeing a game for yourself allows you to fact-check information you get from other people and allow you to formulate your own opinion of the matter. Watching an esports game live or watching the reliable LoL Esports Highlights gives fans a way to get the FULL update on a topic.

FNC vs MAD Highlights Game 4 Finals LEC Summer Playoffs 2021 Fnatic vs MAD Lions by Onivia
Fnatic vs MAD Lions LEC Summer 2021 Game 4 – via Onivia

Nevertheless, we understand that some people simply don’t have the time to watch a full game with even fewer people not being able to watch even a 10-minute highlight of the game but still want to get updates regardless. That’s completely fine. However, you might end up not understanding the full context of what happened during the game. Speaking of which, fans should always listen to the casters during the live stream to understand important points of the game better.

8. Follow Players on Social Media

One thing that we journalists make sure to do is follow every single Esports Pro in social media, whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Depending on which country those players come from, some players may prefer a specific platform over the other. It costs nothing to create a social media account but it might be challenging to find all of your favorite esports players on that specific platform especially since other players don’t use their real names or IGNs.

Following players in social media can prove to be productive because you get first-hand news on the events of a player’s life. This may seem like gossip that’s completely unrelated to LoL esports updates but it helps you get a better grasp when teams decide to bench a player or let them go. Besides, the way players interact with each other, especially European and American personalities on social media are extremely entertaining and ignite your passion for esports even more.

7. Read Blogs and News Articles

If you’re in here reading this article, you’re already on the right track to becoming a well-informed esports fan. Reading blog posts and articles are a good way to get reliable LoL esports updates from a third party and get a detailed context on the events that transpired. Websites like LolFinity provide a great source of reliable esports updates for free. Reading about something may feel like a drag which is why a lot of articles try to keep their posts as concise as possible.

LolFinity LoL Esports Updates Page
The best place to find esports updates!

One thing that is common in articles and blogs is that they often lean towards a specific direction which can be interpreted as bias. Since companies or article writers are based in a region that’s represented in a tournament, it’s no wonder that their support can seep into their writing. This is why readers should always keep an open mind about the things they read online and simply take it as a reference rather than the objective truth so that their own opinions will remain impartial.

6. Join Forums or Discussion Threads

Forums and discussion threads like Reddit are a good way to read about the community’s outlook on recent LoL esports updates. Since these threads often have conflicting views with other people, you’ll often see a lot of discussion happening inside the post that will give you some insight on how the games or events affect the fans of the game. You can also weigh in your own opinion to check how the community will react to your mindset on the topic which can be insightful.

Banner for LolEsports Page in Reddit
Where like-minded fans go to discuss LoL Esports

Aside from Reddit, fans can also go to social media and read up on posts that big personalities make and go to the comment section where most of the discussion is being made. While the community’s outlook can be a valuable resource on getting LoL esports updates, remember that there are a lot of whiny people on the internet that refuse to surrender to reason and logic. Don’t take these people too seriously and try to find people that make constructive conversation instead.

5. Watch Podcasts

Podcasts are the richest source of information about LoL esports updates but they’re also the most time-consuming. Podcasts usually last around 40 minutes to a few hours which can be really intimidating if you think you don’t have the time nor patience to commit yourself to something so long. However, podcasts might prove to be the easiest way to get information on recent events without needing to do intensive research on a specific topic.

Armut, Caedrel, and Drakos in LEC Euphoria
LEC’s Euphoria Podcast

People who listen to podcasts often don’t do it actively. Most people play podcasts in the background, either when they’re doing work, playing games, or just lying in bed. Even though you’re not actively digesting the information coming from them, you’ll actually realize that you retain a lot of information about the topic when the conversation comes up. Even if you don’t, you won’t lose anything since you’re listening while doing something else entirely.

4. Follow All Riot Games Pages

If you’re into the official announcements and news about LoL esports, the best place to learn about them is via the Riot Games pages and websites. Following Riot Games on social media or being subscribed to their newsletter allows players to gain immediate access to any developments that happen within the scope of their games. Since it’s coming from Riot Games, it’s 101% true and confirmed without you having to worry about anything changing anytime soon.

Riot Games have a lot of pages but if you’re specifically looking for esports news, you might want to follow the LoL Esports page so that you’ll be updated on the latest happenings on esports around the world. You might also want to follow the sub-pages per region if you want to learn about specialized updates and memes that fit to your taste in teams. Just be careful to follow official sources only, otherwise, you might end up getting trolled by a fake site.

3. Subscribe to Esports News Channels

YouTube has a lot of esports channels that cater to different kinds of esports. Some channels you might want to follow are Dot Esports, Korizon Esports, Upcomer, theScore Esports, Travis Gafford, and many others. Having access to these sites allows you to not only get passive information but also listen in to interviews with the players themselves on their opinions on the game, how they played, what their plans are in the future, and what their outlook is towards LoL.

Does the LCS still play TOO SLOW? - Run It
Travis Gafford talks about the LCS

The problem with a lot of esports websites is that it’s locked in a language barrier but having access to YouTube that has the auto-translate feature is super helpful for you to connect to your non-English teams. Subscribing to these channels will allow players to immediately get notified to any new content that’s made so that you can watch and learn about it before everybody else. The problem is that some channels might be slow to update since it takes a while to upload videos.

2. Relevant Esports People Like Leakers and Journalists

Aside from following other players in esports, you might also want to follow other relevant people that are related to LoL esports so that you can get the updates that you need. Relevant esports people include leakers, journalists, streamers, game developers, Riot Games staff, and a pro-player’s friends, family, and/or significant other. Again, this might sound a bit gossipy but you’ll be surprised how informational it can be to follow people like these on social media.

LEC Wooloo posts another rumor
Do you like hearing about rumors?

Leakers and journalists are the best people to follow about LoL esports updates since they get first-hand interviews or get information from an inside source. Game developers are great if you want to learn about patch information or the direction of which champions will be viable in a tournament. Riot Games staff like organizers, casters, and tournament officials offer the best news on upcoming esports events and some inside talk on what’s happening with the players and teams while they’re on-stage.

1. Stay Connected With Your Esports Friends

Having a friend that enjoys esports as much as you do is a great way to get LoL esports updates. Since you are two separate individuals, you can compare your notes and have a healthy discussion on the things you learned or watched about the game. Even if you don’t talk in person or hang out that much, having a group chat or a place to talk about it such as a Discord channel or something similar can also help as mediums towards discussing these topics.

Fnatic Upset hugging Hylissang on stage
Time to adopt a LoL buddy!

You don’t need that person to be a “close friend” as long as you share a common interest in LoL esports. If you have friends that don’t have any clue on this topic, it might be difficult to start a conversation regarding it without it being awkward and one-sided. Joining random strangers online might be your best alternative which will help you find a place where you fit in to talk about all your interests and serve as an outlet for all of your ideas about the game.

Pro Tip: Formulate Your Own Opinion!

We’ve mentioned over and over on this article that you shouldn’t take the information you get from third parties as the absolute truth. Even articles and new sites can purposely bend the wordings on their articles sometimes to fit their bias about a certain team or region. This is why you should read things with an open mind but not in a way that gets you easily influenced by the direction of what the people are subconsciously trying to brainwash you into believing.

A good way to stay impartial to news is to follow a lot of people or read articles from two or more websites so that you can get different views on the specific topic. This way, you can create your own opinion by comparing the points that you gathered along the way. As an esports fan, the last thing you want to be is become those toxic people in social media or Twitch chat that tries to belittle other people or just act obnoxiously since they are extremely biased about who they like.

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