Why Should You Buy League of Legends Accounts?

Getting the Best of League of Legends

Things within the video game tend to change a little bit when you Buy League of Legends Accounts. First of all, you’ll acquire a lot more content that is behind different in-game currencies and RNG (Random Number Generator). Secondly, you’ll have more freedom on “how” you want to play the game and what teammates/opponents you’ll get between matches. In other words, you, as a player, acquire a lot more control over different elements of the game by playing between multiple Smurf Accounts.

Warriors | Season 2020 Cinematic - League of Legends (ft. 2WEI and Edda Hayes)

Indeed, the main goal that you’re looking for is to have more fun within League of Legends. Therefore, you’ll spend a lot more gaming sessions, clicking the Solo Queue, and playing random matches. Still, though, you’ll need to acknowledge important information about the different types of Smurfs when you Buy League of Legends Accounts. Most noteworthy, what is their state and bonuses. With this in mind, you’ll have a better idea about where to acquire these types of items.

Furthermore, in this article, we’ll discuss different strategies to start your Smurf Account on the right foot. Indeed, with this knowledge, you’ll have a clear idea about what Champions you’ll unlock at first. Additionally, you’ll gather enough information to understand how the League of Legends Shop works and when to spend the currencies between your Accounts.

Last but not least, we’ll discuss a little bit more about how the Ranking System works in League of Legends, and what is required for you to improve your playstyle. As a result, you’ll understand what is needed to reach higher places within the ladder and maintaining your position.

League of Legends Smurfs

These items come with different contents and attributes, but their primary function is still the same, to give you another favorable circumstance to play the game. Instead of the typical “one-account guy,” you now have the freedom to play LoL as you please. Furthermore, when you Buy League of Legends Accounts, you’ll restart the journey with lots of new handicaps that will make the transition a lot easier.

As time goes by, every League of Legends player reaches the point when they require a little extra stuff to keep their motivation in this game. Indeed, you may feel that you reach this point when it becomes extra grindy to unlock a couple of Champions since you already spend the Blue Essence or Shards. At the same time, you’ll find it almost impossible to continue climbing the Ranking Ladder. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you change the time or even the day for your gaming session; you’ll always find terrible teammates.

Simpsons teenager playing LoL - Buy a League of Legends Account
Getting eSport Ready

Additionally, you’ll have more control over the new content when you Buy League of Legends Accounts. Since these Smurfs have different progress, you’ll have the choice to re-do specific Quest a couple of times. Above all, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire a lot more in-game currency from the rewards, which can give you a hand in unlocking a lot more content. Even though it is not on the same Account, you’ll still have the chance to experience a lot more gaming mechanics than the rest of the players.

The Best Place to Buy League of Legends Accounts

Now that you know some of the fantastic benefits that you’ll get when you Buy League of Legends Accounts, you still need to be aware of the perfect place to acquire them. Indeed, no every Website over the Internet will give you the best options out there, so you need to prepare a little bit. Overall, the main focus in this part of the article is to let you know the full advantages of buying from a qualified League of Legends Smurf Store.

In general, it is not about the prices (although you still can get fabulous sales), but to discover that fantastic Smurf Store that can give you positive benefits. With this in mind, you’ll have the chance to acquire a couple more Smurf Accounts and even share your opinion with some friends. Also, though, you may not believe at first, but some Online Stores have their focus on keeping their customers satisfied and extend their support as long as possible.

With this in mind, let us uncover those fantastic enhancements that can surely increase the value of any League of Legends Smurf Account and let you continue with your gaming sessions:

Possible Benefits:

Luck on Your Side


When you configure and log-in with your Smurf Account for the first time, you’ll surely see some additional assistance with some currencies in your inventory. Hence, when you Buy League of Legends Accounts, you’ll surely notice that each item comes with different Handicaps inside. For example, you’ll have to choose between having a large quantity of Blue Essence, or Capsules to unlock. Most noteworthy, with this kind of assistance, you’ll have the opportunity to obtain the other requirement to open Ranked Matches. With this opportunity, you’ll get to experience the Calibration process soonish possible and fight for the top once again.

Level 30

One of the main reasons that make every single Smurf Accounts valuable when you Buy League of Legends Accounts. Since level 30 is one of the requirements to unlock Ranked Matches, it is recommendable that you acquire one Smurf with this type of characteristic. Indeed, completing this achievement in the “regular way” may require more than a couple of weeks and lots of gaming hours grinding for Experience. Therefore, having been taking care of, you’ll need to unlock some Champions to restart the Ranking Matches and perform the usual Calibration.

Unverified E-Mail Account

If you want to reduce complications with your newly acquired Smurf Account, it is always recommendable that you find one with the Unverified E-Mail. Indeed, when you’re using your personalized E-Mails, you’ll always be sure that everything is on the right track. On the other hand, with a custom Account, there’s the risk that it may have some shady “business” in-between it all. Additionally, using your accustomed credentials, you’ll have the opportunity to make this Smurf Account a lot more “Yours” with standard log-in credentials. Most noteworthy, in the future, you’ll have fewer complications in changing passwords and won’t need third-party elements to configure this element.

Regional Availability

Ranking Up

The performance of your gameplay depends on how good your connection with the LoL servers is all the time. Indeed, when you’re in the middle of the match, you need to be aware of your abilities land on the right target, and how your opponent reacts. Furthermore, to have full control over your Champion, you’ll need to be aware of where it stands and how it moves across the map. In contrast, though, when you have lag and packet loss, you’ll have a hard time figuring out what is happening. As a result, to keep things on the right track, you’ll need to have the Smurf Account that coexists with your current Region.

 Fast Delivery

In case of a gaming emergency, you need to have that special place over the Internet where you’ll always count to give you those Smurf Accounts quickly. Instead of waiting for the next day or when the weekend goes through, you’ll need that Online Store that’ll always be there. With this in mind, it won’t matter if you’re passing between any festivity and cancel any possible gaming session with your friends. As a result, you also have the opportunity to share this unique Website with your closest friends if they find themselves in need of another Smurf.


Due to a lot of threats that continuously strike random servers all over the Internet, there’s always the need to find some measures to keep everything secure. Indeed, when you find a decent website where you Buy League of Legends Accounts, you need it to have safety procedures to keep your vital information protected. As a result, you’ll know that you can always count on that particular place to transfer all the necessary data and obtain your Smurfs Accounts quickly. Furthermore, there’s the chance that you may retrieve information in the future, which only you have the proper access.


Without a doubt, when a popular website completes different types of transactions regularly, something unwanted may happen. To solve these kinds of issues as soon as possible, these parts over the Internet require a powerful Support team. With this in mind, you’ll have someone waiting for you and solve any possible complication without taking too much time. Therefore, you’ll spend a lot more time playing with your new Smurf Accounts instead of waiting for an answer. Indeed, you also have the potential to clarify any possible doubts with the Support Team or leave any constructive feedback.

Buying Options

Choose Your Destiny

Completing the transaction on a website may become a little tedious when it doesn’t have the conventional paying methods, and you’ll probably need extra steps to complete. For instance, you may like using methods like PayPal, but when you want to finalize the transaction, that option appears nowhere. Furthermore, in some random cases, there’s the chance that you’ll see newly different procedures that may make you think twice to conclude it all. As a result, the best place to Buy League of Legends Accounts requires to have all those popular paying procedures and make things a lot easier.


If you’re one of those people that like to take full advantage of the existing holidays, you’ll probably tend to look for deals on these occasions. Therefore, when you find the right place to Buy League of Legends Accounts, you’ll surely find exciting discounts and take some advantages. Additionally, since holidays also mean free time from work/school, you’ll surely need to find something to do. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to extend those gaming sessions a little bit more, and advantage between those Smurf Accounts even further.

Best lol Champions to Start Your Smurf Account

Now that you know where to Buy League of Legends Accounts, and have a couple of Smurfs in your possession, you may wonder what to do next. To answer that question, we’ll now discuss what types of Champions you could unlock at first. Furthermore, since there are too many options to choose in that vast roster, to make it easier for you, we’ll categorize each element in a group. With that in mind, you’ll have the opportunity to obtain powerful Champions with similar characteristics. Above all, remember that you’ll need to have 20 characters unlocked in your collection to open Ranked Matches.

Champions by Preferences



In the middle of gaming development, there’s always the chance that sometimes, in the final process of “Champion Making,” somehow the mixture between Abilities, they create a fantastic combo. Therefore, when you master the cooldowns and the press the proper buttons, you’ll create devastating attacks. As a result, Champions in this category need some practice but have the potential to start chaos and deal lots of damage.


When a large patch arrives in the League of Legends’ main servers, it also means that some exciting changes are going to happen in the next couple of days. Sometimes, when they come with a new Champion, the new element tends to add a lot more variety and new gameplay mechanics. In contrast, though, when the patch modifies some properties from the old roster, the former “META” completely changes. Indeed, when this moment arrives, some Champions tend to be forgotten, while others rise from the shadows. Most noteworthy, acquiring some elements from the META will surely help you in increasing your winning percentages.


Since you’re practically starting all over again, with an LoL Smurf Account, you get the option to focus primarily on one of the leading Roles from the game. With this kind of thought, you’ll have the opportunity to Queue only in that specific Role and become an expert in that part of the map. Furthermore, all of the Champions with that particular Role will be available to you once the match starts. As a result, you’ll always have something that belongs to the META or counter-picks the enemy’s choice.


firecracker vayne splash art
Mastering Vayne

When things look flashy and stand out about the rest of the elements of the map, you’ll surely want to try it out. Therefore, when some Champions lead the spotlight by being in a recent Youtube video or are chosen by the developers to lead custom content, you’ll probably want to collect it ASAP. Indeed, when some of these characters become the main focus of the League of Legends’ Interface, they inevitably get new cosmetic items that make then look a lot better than the usual artwork. Above all, even though they may not lead the META group, all of the Champions have interesting gaming mechanics to master with your skills.


This group belongs to those Champions that have interesting stories behind them, which makes them a lot more fascinating to obtain and learn. First of all, they can either show some potential by being the leaders of an entire organization that rules parts of Runeterra. On the other hand, they may not represent power, but their backstory somehow leaves a good impression that makes them more likable. With this in mind, you’ll probably want to have a collection with Champions of a single faction, or some characters that have outstanding writing behind them.

How to Build Your Champion

Now that you know a little bit more about what Champions you’ll like to unlock in your Main Account, there are also other ways to increase your potential and become a dominant player. Similarly to the other MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games out there, one cool gaming mechanic is buying items for your inventory.

Each time you start a random match in the Solo Queue, your character always starts from zero. In contrast to the other RPGs (Role-Playing Games) where your progress is still there, here in MOBAs, though, there isn’t such a feature. As a result, you’re permanently fighting against time to gather enough Gold or Experience to keep-up with the rest of the players, or even have some steps ahead.

Furthermore, you need to use the “Farmed” Gold wisely. Due to time constraints, you need to exchange the acquired currency with the proper equipment that can improve your performance. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance the capabilities of your Champion and lead your team to victory.

Taking this knowledge into consideration, here are some essential tips that can guide you in buying better items for your Champion:

Basic Items

Bottoms Up!

As soon as your Champion spawns in the Summoner’s Rift, you’ll notice that you start with some Gold right on the get-go. Although it is tentative to hold it in your inventory and use it as soon as possible with powerful equipment, it is always recommendable that you spend it with useful items. Above all, you’ll need one-use potions that can allow you to remain in your position for a prolonged time. Therefore, you’ll have more chances to acquire Experience and farm more Gold.

Furthermore, since Wards are no longer a “support” exclusivity, look for the item and get it, no matter what Role you’re currently playing. With this in mind, you’ll acquire proper vision on your Lane that can reduce possible Ganks and mistakes.

Lastly, get yourself some “Boots of Speed,” which will give you movement advantages and increase your speed as you walk across the map. As a result, you’ll take less time to return to your position and more evasive chances to reduce damage from your opponents.

Noticing Your Stats

When your Basic Items take place in your current inventory, the rest of the equipment requires a lot of Gold for the exchange. Indeed, from this point onwards, every new item needs to increase the basic stats for your current Champion. For example, there are two types of “Carries” in League of Legends.

First of all, you have the ADC or Attack Damage Carry, which relies on “right-clicks” or, in other words, auto-attacks to deal proper damage. Therefore, they require some equipment that increases their regular attacks or adds more critical damage.

Secondly, the APC or Ability Power Carry use their dominant skills to control the fight and deal tons of damage to the enemy. Indeed, to increase their effectiveness, they require items that reduce the cooldown of their abilities, augment their Mana Regeneration, and increase the overall damage.

Respect Your Role in the Match

We all know that the gaming mechanics in League of Legends tend to go deeper than the distinction between an Attack Damage or Ability Power Champion. Indeed, besides your source of damage, you also need to follow what Role you are practicing at the moment. Indeed, you can have three types of “Wizards” in your Team, but each player needs to do completely different goals to increase their effectiveness.

LOL roles
Goals to Complete

For example, you can have one Wizard that belongs to the middle Lane and needs a lot of Experience to increase its levels. Therefore, your equipment needs to improve the overall damage to their abilities and reduce their cooldown.

On the other hand, you have another kind of Wizard that goes to the bottom Lane and needs to “Support” their Carry. As a result, you’ll need to acquire essential items that increase their mana pool and give vision to their teammates.

Furthermore, the most significant distinction between these two Roles is that in the middle Lane, you need to deal as much damage as possible. While in contrast, as a Support, you need to keep your teammates alive.

Take into Consideration the State of the Match

By now, you probably know how to read the suggested equipment for your Champion, but to reach the next level in League of Legends, you’ll need to look for alternatives as well.

Between the different matches that you participate in, every turn of events tends to go somewhat different. Hence, this why people continuously find it interesting to play in the same map over and over again. But, at the same time, the type of involvement with your team requires different strategic tactics.

First of all, we don’t know what type of teammates we may get and how they can perform within their Role. As a result, sometimes they may have difficulties dealing with “last hits” and farming Gold quickly. Therefore, they’ll probably lack essential equipment as time progresses. When this happens, sometimes you’ll need to take a leading part and change things up for the better.

For example, if you’re playing as a Support, and your Middle Lane player is having some difficulties. Indeed, sometimes it is recommendable that you move around the map and set-up possible Ganks. Most noteworthy, if you gather equipment that has the potential to increase your “crowd control,” this type of involvement may become a lot easier.

Additionally, you can take the enemy team by surprise and even chance the outcome of the match with that kind of strategy.

1 + 1 = 2

Focusing on One of the Main Roles

In this part of the article, we’ll discuss a little deeper about what gameplay elements can improve your performance in a particular part of the map. Indeed, you can take a lot of advantage in this segment if you’re following the strategy of focusing only on one Main Role from League of Legends. As a result, if you Buy League of Legends Accounts with this focus in mind, you’ll have better chances to increase your potential in the Ranking Ladder.

Even though you have a little knowledge about what you’ll need to do in each Lane, the starting point of a professional player is always the same. As a result, it requires a little determination and a lot of gaming sessions to practice your goals in the match. Hence, You may have a lot of Experience worthy of an invitation in an eSports focused team.

Without further ado, here you have the five Main Roles from League of Legends:


The so-called “Private” Lane where you’re in a constant battle with another player and pretty much nothing else. Occasionally, there’s a chance that the Jungle player may join the party for a moment but is always brief and rare. In this part of the map, you still need to have control over the Minions’ advancement. Indeed, you’ll require to have them battle not too far from your turret and not to close, or you may either get Ganked or lose last-hits to the tower.

Having some advantages in the Top-Lane means that you’re able to kill your opponent by yourself a couple of times and that you manage to destroy both turrets. As a result, when your goals are somewhat complete, you have the opportunity to move and explore other parts of the Summoner’s Rift.

Solo Mode


This time around, playing as a Jungler, you’ll have to do the total opposite of the Top-Lane. Hence, you’ll need to move across the entire map until you practically cover it all. First of all, you’ll need to move across different Monster camps and kill them for Gold and temporal Buffs. Suddenly, when you gather crucial equipment or two, its time to hunt enemy players.

One of the main goals, while you’re moving across the map, is to be unpredictable. As a result, you’ll need to be inconsistent and move from Lane to Lane without any order whatsoever. If done correctly, the enemy team won’t have any idea about your whereabouts and when you’ll strike again.

Above all, you need to be precise when the Gank starts. Indeed, if you manage to gain a couple of kills from the start, both you and your teammate will gain additional Experience and Gold.


Even though almost the entire player base doesn’t find this critical Role appealing, without the proper supporting player, you don’t stand a chance against the enemy team. First of all, you have assistance with different Wards that increase the vision from the entire team and also neutralizes the enemy’s advantages.

Furthermore, since you’re practically babysitting your Carry when done correctly, he/she will have the opportunity to get the upper hand and lead you to victory. It doesn’t matter how much time the match currently has; the healing or crowd control from you is always crucial when it comes to winning team fights.

Most importantly, if everything goes according to play, you may find another competent Carry friend. Indeed, a player that assists you in gaining proper victories and increase your position in the ladder.


Need a Hand?

To have success in this part of the map, you need to be the player that glues everything together in your team. First of all, you’ll need to gain a lot of Experience by getting tons of last-hits in your Lane. Furthermore, in the “middle” of it all, you need to aware of the current performance of your teammates. As a result, if someone is having a hard time, you have the opportunity to move accordingly and give proper assistance.

Above all, as time goes on, you’ll have the chance to increase your ability’s power with equipment. Therefore, you’ll be deadly in your Ganks and team fights.

Hard Carry

In this League of Legends’ Role, you’ll have to be a total expert in making lasts-hits and how to farm Gold. Indeed, your primary source of income is the multiple minions that mindlessly fight between the Turrets. Furthermore, you’ll need the assistance of a competent Support to maintain your presence in that part of the map.

At first, you’ll need to avoid any possible encounter since you’ll lack proper damage and proper equipment. Consequently, when you gather enough Gold to exchange it for essential items and go for the kills. Indeed, with further assistance from your Jungler or Mid Player, this process will require a lot less time to achieve.

Unlocking Ranked in League of Legends

BloodMoon Jhin 1
Need Extra Pockets

Above all, the most exciting and competitive part of League of Legends is when you get to play in Ranked Matches. Indeed, to unlock this game mode in your Current Account, you’ll need to have two essential requirements. Furthermore, these two components require a lot of gaming sessions to obtain.

First of all, your current Account needs to reach level 30. This requirement is probably the most tedious to complete and requires a lot of time to achieve. Most noteworthy, you have the opportunity to acquire XP boosters to reduce the games needed to finish it all.

Secondly, you need to have 20 different Champions unlocked in your collection. This time around, it depends on what characters you want to gather first and their current price. Therefore, you can either have a couple of elements that got recently added to the roster. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to gather the oldest Champions that may not belong in the current META.

Most noteworthy, when you Buy League of Legends Accounts, the level 30 requirement is already cracked by default. Indeed, the next step is to spend the Blue Essence wisely.

Ranked System

After everything is set and done, once you start queueing between Ranked Matches, you’ll notice that you need to be a part of the Calibration system. Between the matches, your performance, and final scores will decide what position in the Ranking Ladder you’ll land. As a result, you must give your best shot and hope that you’ll get competent teammates. Additionally, if you’re “lucky” enough, you’ll have the opportunity to land a place between the Gold players or above.

Furthermore, if you’re able to reach the Gold group, you’ll also get a “roman number” assigned to your Account. It can either be between one to four or I to IV, where IV is the lowest of them all. Consequently, once you gather enough winnings in your group, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a promotion event and increase your Rank even further.

diamond ppic
Moving Forward


To increase your winning chances in the Ranked System, you always need to be aware of the current META. At first, you won’t have too much knowledge to read the recent patch notes, but later on, you’ll have the potential to acknowledge what may be overpowering.

Indeed, after a big patch hits the primary server, a lot of Champions tend to have exciting changes. Sometimes though, the difference in the mathematical equation will give the potential to deal with a lot more damage than usual. As a result, players around the World tend to pick these Champions to increase their winning chances.

Besides reading the notes, you also have the potential to see those Champions that the professionals pick more frequently between eSport tournaments. Even though having them is a must for your team, it may be challenging to acquire. At the same time, these picks can either be banned or picked by the enemy team.

Understanding the LoL Store

There are many items in the League of Legends Shop that may give you some confusion at first. Especially when you don’t know how to buy attractive items. Therefore, in this part of the article, we’ll discuss the different types of currencies in the game and what you need to check before buying any items.

It is normal that you’ll want to acquire everything from the game (like we all do), but is too costly if done incorrectly. Indeed, you can see it when you’re trying to buy Champions that require too much Blue Essence and leave with almost nothing in your Main Account.

As a result, to use the League of Legends Shop smartly, you need to understand a little more about how it works. Hence, you’ll take advantage of the different items and sales to acquire a lot more things than usual.

league of legends riot points
Punching Through

Available Currencies

At the moment, the League of Legends Shop works with these types of currencies:

  • Blue Essence: this is probably the most common type of currency that is frequently on demand. Above all, you’ll need a ton to unlock Champions on your roster. Indeed, you have the opportunity to buy them directly from the League of Legends Shop. On the other hand, you can chance a Champion Shard to permanent. To acquire BE, you need to gain enough Experience to increase the Account’s levels or by disenchanting Champion Shards.
  • Orange Essence: You’ll require it for the different types of cosmetic items that you can gather for your Account. With this powerful resource, you can exchange cosmetic Shards that can either be skins, icons, or wards. At the same time, to obtain some OE, you can disenchant cosmetic Shards or by opening Chests.
  • Riot Points: The only currency that requires Real Money for the exchange. With this resource, you have the potential to acquire Champions or cosmetic items directly from the League of Legends Shop. At the same time, you can try your luck and buy loot boxes instead. Most noteworthy, you can unlock almost everything instantly with Riot Points, but it depletes your Pay Check in the process.
  • Capsules: These items, when open, have the opportunity to give you different Champion Shards and Blue Essence. At the moment, you acquire Capsules by leveling up, quest rewards, or various promotions over the Internet. Most noteworthy, when you’re starting your Account, the prizes that you’ll have when you open a Capsule is predetermined. Afterward, though, it is random.
  • Chests and Keys: Often called Hextech, these chests are the loot boxes from the League of Legends Shop. Withing its contents, you have the potential to acquire almost all of the different Shards and currencies (except for Riot Points) to use in your Main Account. Indeed, just like Capsules, you do not have any control over what you may get when you open these Chests.
Saving some Keys

Before spending any of these Currencies, you always need to check for LoL Sales beforehand. With this in mind, you’ll have better opportunities to acquire more items without spending too many Essences. At the same time, there are available Bundles that reduce the overall price significantly within the League of Legends Store.

FAQ – Why you should Buy League of Legends Accounts

  • What are the Different Benefits that you can acquire when you Buy League of Legends Accounts?

    Level 30
    Unverified E-Mail Account
    Regional Availability
    Fast Delivery
    Buying Options

  • What Preferences Do You need to Check when you Unlock Your First Champions?


  • What do You need to Unlock Ranked Matches in your League of Legends Account?

    Your current Account needs to reach level 30 by playing random matches. Also, you need to unlock 20 different Champions from the vast current roster. With these two achievements, you’ll have the opportunity to play in the Calibration System all over again.

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