5 Reasons Why You Can’t Sign In To League of Legends

Can’t sign in to League of Legends using your account? Your Riot Games client may be experiencing some issues but the problem is that these issues have a wide range. Not pinpointing the problem directly makes it difficult to find the right fix, making troubleshooting even more stressful than not being able to sign in. Let’s take a look at 5 common reasons why you can’t sign in to League of Legends before you break your computer trying to find the right one.

Why You Can’t Sign In To League of Legends

There is a wide variety of reasons why you’re unable to sign into League of Legends. These reasons vary depending on your situation. While it’s not rare for a player to experience issues regarding their sign in, the fix doesn’t always come naturally and requires a bit of tinkering before you can play the game again. The best way to fix a problem is to understand the root of the problem and it’s nature. Randomly mashing quick fixes until it works is not only time-consuming but can also hurt your League of Legends client or worse – your Riot Games account.

1. Account Suspended/Banned

Account Suspension or Bans are almost never accidents. However, there are instances where this issue is not entirely the fault of the account owner. For example, misunderstandings such as inappropriate language when playing with people you know and are playing with might be registered as grounds for suspension. In addition, the system might detect malicious software from your PC that might be registered as cheating software. If any of the above are true, then your suspension or ban is disputable.

Notification stating that an account is temporarily suspended
Dispute at the Riot Games Support Page


The only way to remove an account suspension or ban is to go directly to the Riot Games Support Page and send a ticket stating that there was an error about why you got banned. Of course, you need a solid case to dispute account suspension in your favor. You’ll need to submit solid evidence such as testimonies or screenshots that will prove your claim. A basic explanation without evidence will almost never get you to remove your suspension.

2. Multiple Instances Error

One reason why you can’t sign in to League of Legends is because of issues regarding multiple instances. This means that either your account is logged on to another computer or your PC is already running another instance of League of Legends. Both issues might prevent you from getting into the game. Luckily, this issue isn’t serious and won’t affect your account (unless you think you’ve been hacked). There is an easy way to handle this situation.

Riot Games notification saying that another instance is already running and can't sign in to League of Legends
Another process is already running

Error Codes:

  • Unexpected Error With Login Session
  • Process Already Running
  • Your Account Is Already Logged In To Another Computer


The best, and easiest, way to fix this problem is to restart your computer. If you have League of Legends automatically opening on startup without your knowledge, you might want to open your Task Manager [CTRL + Shift + ESC] and look for any League of Legends or Riot Games client instances that are running on the background and click “End Task”. If you’re account is signed-in elsewhere without your knowledge, change your password as soon as possible.

3. Patch Update Error

This error occurs when League of Legends refuses to update properly or a file got missed or installed incorrectly during the update. This can be one of the more frustrating problems when trying to sign to the game because the fix requires a bit of technical analysis. There are easy ways to handle this problem but some of those easy fixes are ones that you won’t like or will require you to reinstall the game completely.

League of Legends Sign In Error - Error Code 004
Error Code 004

Error Codes:

  • League of Legends Error Code 002
  • League of Legends Error Code 004
  • Unexpected Login Error


  • Clearing space on your Hard Drive or SSD
  • Reinstalling League of Legends
  • Clicking on Repair Client
  • Turning off your Firewall
  • Checking on your internet connection

4. PC Software Issues

There are several software issues such as faulty drivers or having an outdated OS. This issue is extremely common for users that aren’t tech savvy and care very little about the state of their computer’s software. This can also be a common issue for users that have recently bought/built their own PCs. If you aren’t one of those people mentioned above, these fixes might still be valid as long as you try out some of these quick fixes.

Windows 10 Issues - Error Code 0xc0000005
Error Code 0xc0000005

Error Codes:

  • League of Legends Error 1B
  • Error: 0xc0000005
  • Unknown direct x error
  • The program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer.


  • Opening League of Legends as Administrator
  • Updating Your Drivers / Installing Them (You can download your drivers by going to your GPU’s Website directly)
  • Updating Windows
  • Repairing League of Legends Client
  • Reinstalling League of Legends

Note: You can download your drivers manually by going to your GPU’s website. For example, Nvidia has a complete list of drivers depending on the model of your GPU. You can also download from the Nvidia GeForce app which is automatically installed if you have an Nvidia GPU.

5. Riot Games’ Server Issues

The last reason why you can’t sign in to League of Legends is something out of your control. Riot Games’ server capacities are always expanding but for some countries, they’re limited. Server errors occur during peak seasons such as when a big event takes place. This causes the server to overload and prevents users from logging in. This is perfectly normal but it can be really frustrating especially if you’re one of the people who was looking forward to spending the day playing League of Legends.

Riot Games Server Issue notification on League of Legends
Time to take some time to chill

Error Codes:

  • Error 7


  • Wait
  • Chill
  • Play other games

There’s really nothing you can do when Riot Games experiences server issues. The best thing to do is follow Riot Games or League of Legends social media pages or website to follow news as to when the servers will be back online.

Why can’t I sign in to League of Legends?

There are several reasons why players can’t sign in to League of Legends. The best way to fix this issue to figure out which error code your client is experiencing and googling the proper fix to handle your situation.

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