Why You Should Buy a LoL Account Instead of Leveling One

Do you remember the first LoL account you ever tried to level? For first time League of Legends players, leveling up your own account is probably the most important things to improve in the game. The experience of fighting against bots, slowly transitioning to fights against real players who are learning at the same pace as you definitely build the foundation of being good. For veteran players, there is no need to go through that process again, and can prove to be more annoying than nostalgic. This is why veterans should buy a LoL account instead of leveling one from scratch.

LoL Smurf Account Offers on LolFinity
Need a reason to buy yourself a LoL Account online?

How to Buy a LoL Account

Not everyone knows how to buy a LoL account and even more people don’t trust doing so either. Buying a LoL account is definitely one of the options that people need to consider when starting League all over again but the idea that you might get scammed when doing so prevents them from even considering it. Once you learn how to Look For A Trusted LoL Account Seller, you’ll be able to know where you can get the best LoL Smurfs on sale in the internet.

Buying a LoL account is the best alternative to leveling one from scratch if you wanna play on a new server or restart your progress on the current one. In fact, a lot of serious players see the investment of buying a new account to be worth it especially if they want to save time and reach the highest rank as soon as possible. It’s definitely worth considering if you have the money to spend on one.

Why You Should Buy A LoL Account

Most people aren’t still convinced that buying a LoL account is definitely way better than leveling your own. When it comes to spending money, people aren’t as keep as to think that something they can do for free would need to cost any amount at all. The misconception that a LoL account bought online isn’t worth the money is completely wrong, here are a few reasons why you should buy a LoL account online:

1. Save Time

Leveling up a new account to level 30 will take you at least 40 hours minimum. That’s about 60 games if you consider queue timers and you don’t use EXP Boosts to cut that time significantly (if you can spend money on EXP boosts, you might as well buy a LoL account). Those games you’ve been playing with bots or new players are best spent playing on the ranked ladders to reach Challenger as soon as possible.

Playing against bots in LoL
Is your time worth playing against bots?

Players who don’t have a flexible schedule such as those working full-time jobs might also want to consider buying one instead to save a lot of time. Spending your few precious hours off work to play low-level games isn’t as good as you think it would be. Play real games right off the bat with Ranked Ready accounts made specifically so that players will be able to play League of Legends right away without the hassle of grinding hours, days, or even weeks of their precious time away.

2. 100% No Effort

No need to tryhard in low-level games. While it’s true that winning games definitely gives more experience than losing games, it’s just not worth playing seriously against players who probably don’t even know what the Jungle is. There will also be times that you’ll encounter fellow smurfs that try to make the game really hard. Low-level games also tend to drag out too long since players have no grasp of how important objectives are compared to getting kills.

3. Enjoy Bundles

When you buy a LoL account, it often comes with bundles such as having a set amount of champions or champion capsules available. Some LoL smurf accounts even have skins included with them, depending on where you buy those accounts. Some websites also offer promos for loyal costumers that contribute to the success of their business. This should also tell you whether the account you’re buying is worth the price. After all, you’re not just buying a level 30 account that has nothing included in the package.

Client showing champion shards
Enjoy champions, shards, or capsules!

With champion or champion capsule bundles, the worst part about starting a new account is also solved. Imagine having to collect all 100+ champions again or at least just trying to farm for your main champs when you only get a limited amount of blue essence at a time. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll get exactly the list of champions you want from bundles but you do get the resources you’ll need to unlock most of them instantly.

4. Leveling Up is Booooring

Normal games might increase your hidden MMR but imagine having to play through all those games against bots and beginners. It’s like playing a game on tutorial mode for how many days without getting something useful out of it in return. Not to mention you’re forced to play champions from the weekly rotation which might or might not include the champions you play but are extremely limited nonetheless. Once you get to Level 30 and start playing Ranked, that’s where the real fun begins.

5. Picking Up Bad Habits in Low Elo Games

Playing against beginners and bots forces you to change your strategy since you can abuse the competition. These strategies might come in handy when playing against players with linear playstyles but once you get to the Ranked games, those habits will come biting you back. Don’t blunt your skills in the lower tiers, sharpen them instead by jumping right into where the competition is at. The worst games only come during the Placement Series, otherwise, you’ll be sharpening your skills in no time.

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Is it safe to buy LoL accounts online?

Yes, there are reputable websites that offer 100% legit LoL Smurf accounts that won’t get you banned. Most of these websites even offer Warranties to the accounts you purchase to put you at ease in case something goes wrong.

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