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If you think that there were enough new games from Riot already, well, we got you another one for you, which comes with the name Wild Rift. First of all, we got the closed beta from TeamFight Tactics, a fantastic “auto-chess” game with a lot of variety. Secondly, another beta came over the Internet in the form of Legends of Runeterra. This time around, the gaming genre shaped into a TCG (Trading Card Game) with stonishing strategic capabilities.

League of Legends: Wild Rift | Announce Trailer

Lately, another Closed Beta created commotion over the streaming services like Twitch with Valorant. In this game, we got a hybrid between CounterStrike and Overwatch with incredible capabilities. Furthermore, you have different “Agents” and a powerful arsenal of weapons to try.

Above all, each option follows the “Free to Play” business model that we already have known over League of Legends. Therefore, you have the opportunity to download all the contents of the game without paying any cent. Afterward, you have the potential to unlock different characters or items with in-game currently. Also, if you like, you could spend real cash in exchange to increase your collection or for unusual cosmetic items.

Indeed, you’ll have different gaming genres from Riot that can give you a lot of entertaining hours for your free time. As a result, you have the opportunity to jump in different gameplay modes depending on your mood. But wait, we still have more to come from these developers.

Wild Rift

Image showing Wild Rift log and Annie in-game Model pointing something out of view.
Burning up some Consoles

Welcome to a unique “form” of League of Legends that appears through Wild Rift. We all know the traditional way of playing this MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) with our Mouse and Keyboard. Furthermore, you already know how to travel across the map with your Champion. But overall, you have a lot of practice in throwing some abilities all over the place.

Now that Riot already has a great gaming community that keeps League of Legends alive for more years to come. Still, though, these developers practically want to expand the player base by adding alternatives ways to play their beloved game. As a result, we now have Wild Rift, the next upcoming project for Riot.

To achieve this task, they now have exciting ways to make League of Legends accessible from players that have different types of inputs. Therefore, instead of point and click, you’ll have potential ways to use analog sticks to aim and throw your abilities as intended.

Indeed, to make things a lot more appealing from the community that has no further training in MOBAs, they tuned things a little bit. As a result, even though you’ll see the same Champions in Wild Rift, they may have different tools at their disposal. For example, some passives over the original game have become active abilities when it’s indispensable.

Additionally, to maintain a balance in this iteration, the development team requires a lot of testing and some tweaks. Hence, you’ll have more ways to experience additional combos and new alternatives over Summoner’s Rift.

 Available Platforms for Wild Rift

At the moment, we have different Betas all over Mobile Market Place. Therefore, we’ll soon have the chance to try Wild Rift with our phones. Indeed, when it becomes available for everyone, you’ll technically have the opportunity to play League of Legends everywhere. It may feel a little bit different, but it still looks like a fantastic deal.  Above all, prepare your Android or iPhones for surprising action clashes.

Wild Rift gameplay image, showing on-screen buttons and cast range from abilities
Tap, Tap, Tap!

Furthermore, there are plans to release Wild Rift in other devices as well, such as consoles. As a result, you’ll get the chance to play LoL in your living room with these little machines. Since nothing is official at the moment, we can speculate that you’ll see this software in either Xbox, Playstation, and even Switch.

Additionally, since these devices have different policies with their private markets, there may be some changes with the business model. Again, we can only speculate that it may require an entrance fee, or it could go Free to Play like Fortnite. No matter the cost, we’ll soon find ourselves with the opportunity to see League of Legends in an entirely different way. Indeed, we may find ourselves smashing the controller’s buttons all over the place for amazing combos.

Gameplay Genre

Difference between the model of Nami from League of Legends (Left), to Wild Rift (Right).
Adding some Looks

Even though the original gameplay mechanics are somewhat intact, we find ourselves in a different type of MOBA. Indeed, with little chances in here at there, you’ll probably feel more movement in the game. Hence, you’ll get more “action” than the accustomed League of Legends way of doing things. Still, though, Wild Rift has the potential to deal with a five versus five matches.

Additionally, there are possible chances in the overall layout of Summoner’s Rift’s map, which could make it a little bit “short.” With this in mind, you’ll find yourself walking back between lanes with ease. If the Riot developers are aiming for a little more “Arcade” ways, you’ll find it less complicated to move around.

Furthermore, since we’ll have different ways to play Wild Rift, there may be ways to create custom game modes. With the tap of the Mobile screen or the various buttons of some controllers, you’ll have opportunities to find action-oriented gameplay. Who knows, maybe we’ll get the chance to play some sort of platform-like League of Legends, or even perhaps Tetris-like gameplay shortly.

Release Date

For the time being, you can only pre-register in the official Mobile Markets from your preferred device. Hence, we still do not have an official release date for Wild Rift. Additionally, the development team at Riot could find themselves practicing the same Closed Beta model from previous games. Due to the requirements from a stable Internet connection, there may be some tweaks to reduce game latency.

Sadly, with the new Pandemic situation that the entire world is going through, there may be some delays. Due to CoronaVirus, different game developers find themselves working entirely at home. At first, it may look like there’s no impact, but due to the lack of communication, it can take its toll. Hopefully, everything is moving forward, and we’ll get the chance to see Wild Rift running this year.

Most noteworthy, due to these possible delays, we still have no clarification from the console versions. As a result, keep an eye from the official sources and developer updates. In this time of need, some websites have the potential to take advantage and give you misleading information. Therefore, take precautions and do not share essential data for possible scams that may appear all over the Internet.

Wild Rift's custom art with different Champions and a background image of a temple.

Business Model

At the time of release from this article, we only have information about the Mobile version. Similarly to League of Legends, which means Free to Play. Therefore you have the chance to download the entire game from the official Mobile Stores without paying any cent. Additionally, you have the potential to unlock all of the Champions with in-game currency that may take a little while to accumulate. Still, though, you can have all the gameplay elements just by practicing and playing Wild Rift.

Furthermore, we have no announcements for the Console versions of the game. Still, though, we could speculate that it may be Free to Play, just like Fortnite is at the moment. As a result, you’ll even need to pay for the “privilege” of using multiplayer capabilities for those little machines. Therefore, it requires a PSN Plus, Xbox Game Pass, or Nintendo Online to play with different people in Wild Rift.

The Wild Rift eSports Scene

Since League of Legends already has a strong player base with admirable professional players, we could have some chances in Wild Rift as well. Indeed, this implies that on live tournaments, we’ll get to see different players using phones or controllers on stage as they fight for victory. It may look “different” at first, but after all, the only important thing to see is the possible astonishing gameplays.

Moreover, there won’t be any possibility to mix professionals from both Wild Rift and League of Legends. Since LoL gives you more “control” over your Champions, they’ll probably dominate the match with no apparent difficulty. Additionally, since the development team is making some changes, it is two different versions of the game. Therefore it isn’t compatible with having a multiplayer match with both versions.

Most noteworthy, we could have both tournament versions running almost at the same time between streams. Indeed, there’s a possibility to see some regional professional gameplay around the world. Occasionally, there may be a chance to see Wild Rift’s Worlds somewhere shortly. At the moment, fighting games or even FIFA have different eSports Tournaments sometimes over different parts of the year.

/dev diary: March 2020 - League of Legends: Wild Rift

Additional Information from Wild Rift

From the official Mobile Market places, you have the opportunity to find vital information about Wild Rift, such as:

  • THE LEAGUE YOU KNOW: At first glance, you’ll notice that both Wild Rift and League of Legends are the same game. Indeed, you have the potential to Solo Queue for a five versus five matches. Furthermore, you’ll get the chance to pick Champions from your collection and load the “Rift.” Still, though, in the middle of those possible 15-20 mins of the match, you’ll find it somewhat different from their game styles.
  • A NEW RIFT: Since you’re always moving your Champion with your controllers, the accustomed Summoner’s Rift could see some changes to compensate. Indeed, we could get some alterations with the length of the Lanes and some stretch in possible combat areas. Therefore you could have more fights in between.
  • NO IMPOSTORS: As stated in this part of the document, we’ll have the opportunity to try 40 different Champions at launch. Remember that these characters have some changes in between. Above all, they’ll add more active abilities and reduce the passives. In other words, it may take some gaming sessions to “re-learn” the old classic Champions on this version.
  • COMPETE AND CLIMB: This part of the text pretty much confirms the Ranking system in Wild Rift. Therefore, you’ll have the opportunity to give another shot for a better position in a similar game. Still, though, due to differences between gameplay and Champions, you’ll probably see different results.
  • DRESS TO IMPRESS: At first, it will be interesting to see the new 3D-Model viewer from Wild Rift. Indeed, with this option, you’ll get to see the different cosmetic items equipped on your Champions. As a result, you could see the difference in an appearance before making a purchase or load a random match.
  • SKILLS NOT BILLS: Now, you have the reassurance that Wild Rift will be Free to Play when it officially launches. Therefore, you could download the game from official Mobile Market places without spending any cent. Furthermore, you have the potential to unlock different Champions with in-game currency and opt to support the developers by buying cosmetic items.
Twisted Fate in-game Model adjusting his hat with the right hand. Forest and mountains in the background.
Lady luck is smilin’

Frequently Asked Questions about Wild Rift

What is Wild Rift?

Practically is the Mobile/Console version of League of Legends, with minor changes over the gameplay, Champions, and Summoner’s Rift layout.

How to play the game?

Depending on your device, you could tap the screen to activate abilities or move your Champion around the map. In the Console versions, you could use analog sticks and buttons from the particular device.

When is the Release Date for Wild Rift?

At the moment, we only have the reassurance that it will be available in 2020. Keep an eye on the official social media links for further information soon.

What Business Model will Wild Rift have?

It will be Free to Play, with the option to unlock Champions with in-game currency. Furthermore, you have the chance to support the developers by buying cosmetic items in exchange for real money.

What is the difference between League of Legends and Wild Rift?

Due to some restrains from a controller perspective, there are some minor alterations. First of all, there are slit changes with Champions’ abilities, Summoner’s Rift layout, and communication capabilities. Still, though, you could queue for random matches or try your luck in the Ranking system like the original game.

Do you have any questions about Wild Rift?
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