Will FlyQuest Make It Out of Groups?

FlyQuest has recently been placed in Group D alongside TOP Esports, the tournament favorites to win, and DragonX, the LCK’s 2nd Seed. Fans all over the internet have been saying that FLY’s Worlds run is over before it even started, but can the LCS team draw out some kind of miracle to make it out of this group? To make matters worse, if MAD Lions were to make it out of the Play-In stage, they will also go to Group D as it is the only group that doesn’t have an LEC team placed inside.

FlyQuest playing a game on the LCS stadium
Saving the world one game at a time

Are FlyQuest Flying Home?

The Worlds 2020 Competition has been looking extra fierce this year and the fact that the VCS will not be able to attend has made things worse for every other team since the Play-In stage Format has been narrowed down to 2 groups. We don’t know whether FlyQuest has been heavily affected by this but they change in seeding may have affected them negatively as Gen.G have escaped having to compete for their spot in the Play-In stage.

This group stage will definitely be extremely difficult for the North American representatives, and no matter how good they performed in the LCS, it would still take a miracle for them to make it out of that group. However, fans and analysts also said that about Fnatic in Worlds 2019 when they were group with SKT and RNG. All we can do is hope that the meta will shift in favor of FLY and become disadvantageous to the other two teams.

FlyQuest Saving the World, One Victory at a Time

FlyQuest is well-known for its environmental advocacies, even calling themselves SeaQuest on their mission to protect the oceans from pollution. As an Esports organization, they may not be the best but their views about saving the world through Esports as the main platform is something that everyone can get behind. Certainly winning the World Championships will bolster their goals even further, but that is nothing more than a pipe dream… or is it?

The North American Representatives

It was already established before Worlds even started that there would be no easy group. This is due to the fact that both the LPL and LEC will be sending 4 representatives each to the World Finals, ensuring that they will have a team competing in each group. With North America’s weak performance in Worlds 2019, their 2nd seed has been placed in Pool 3 where they have to face against the 2nd and 1st Seeds of the other regions despite being from a major region themselves.

TL vs FLY Highlights ALL GAMES Round4 LCS Summer Playoffs 2020 Team Liquid vs FlyQuest by Onivia

Team SoloMid has been placed in a better group than FlyQuest but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have an easy group. Team Liquid will also need to get out of Play-Ins first before even finding their place in either Group A, with G2 Esports and Suning or in Group B, with Damwon Gaming and JD Gaming. The future of the LCS is looking pretty grim, but it’s not completely impossible especially since the region is looking like they really worked hard to where they are right now.

The FlyQuest Members Returning to Worlds

FLY’s current roster pretty much consists of veterans from both NA and EU. Wildturtle and Santorin last attended worlds while they were teammates in Team SoloMid in 2015. Similarly, IgNar and PowerOfEvil were also teammates in the miraculous Misfits Gaming roster that took SKT to a Game 5 in Worlds 2017. Solo was also a part of the Clutch Gaming roster in Worlds 2019 but didn’t play a main role in the team with Huni as the starting Top Laner.

Most of these players haven’t been back to Worlds for a very long time but after how many years of drought, they must have found new motivations to try and give their best at the grand stage once again. Of course, pro-players aren’t as easily influenced about their matchups like fans and analysts are. After all, they are the only ones who really know how to gauge their skills and abilities. All they can do now is prepare and hope that they can take advantage of their opponent’s weaknesses.

FlyQuest Meeting the Fans after the match
Time for FlyQuest to win it all!

Does FlyQuest have your Support?

It’s time to rally behind your favorite LCS teams and show that you believe that they can overcome the massive hurdle that’s ahead of them. Join other LCS fans by playing in the NA Servers by getting your own Unranked Level 30 NA Smurf Account here at LolFinity! You won’t need to start from scratch and farm for the champions you need by getting these ready for play smurf accounts and jump right into the ranked ladder right away!

FlyQuest will begin playing at the World Stage on October 6th where you can watch their games online. Even though it is virtually impossible for you to watch the game in person, there are different ways you can support them and show them that you believe that they can win. Give them the confidence they need to fight for what it takes to make it out of the Group Stage by showing them that their fans are always supporting them no matter what.

Glory for the LCS at Worlds!

The North American League of Legends Championship Series has always been nothing more of a meme in international tournaments, but there’s no telling when we’ll be surprised by the fact that all regions are slowly becoming stronger as the years pass by. The goal of becoming a 1st place region is closer than most people think, and it’s thanks to the increasing competitiveness of North America producing formidable teams.

Who are the FlyQuest players?

The FlyQuest roster consists of the following players in their respective roles:

-Top: Solo
-Jungle: Santorin
-Mid: PowerOfEvil
-ADC: Wildturtle
-Support: IgNar

Will FlyQuest Make it Out of Groups?

FLY has a difficult road ahead of them and it isn’t likely that they’ll outperform the two behemoths in their groups. However, there’s always hope that the team will surprise every at worlds.

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