Worlds 2021 Power Rankings: The Top 10 Best Teams Internationally!

Media outlets and League of Legends analysts are all releasing their Worlds 2021 Power Rankings to show off who they think has the best chances of winning the tournament. Of course, LolFinity won’t let itself get left behind as we showcase our Top 10 list of best teams in the world. Judging by the teams’ performances throughout the regular split with their playoffs performances being the heaviest aspect in how we judge them since recent matches are more relevant in upcoming tournaments

Worlds 2021 Power Rankings

We’ve chosen 10 teams to place in our top teams with most of them, unsurprisingly, being from the major regions. While there is one team that managed to slip into our list, it serves as a testament to the growing competition in what the league considers as minor regions. The tournament is about to unfold and even before any team has faced teams in other countries, the internet has already placed their bets on who they think will be taking home the Summoner’s Cup.

Worlds 2021 | MAKE/BREAK
Worlds 2021 Is Right Around The Corner!

The tournament includes a lot of interesting teams that have only grown since their last international appearance, whether it’s at Worlds 2020 or MSI 2021. Whether or not the teams deserve to be placed on this list depends entirely on their results once the tournament is over. While a lot of teams are definitely favored over the others, all of the names on this list definitely have what it takes to win it all and bring glory to their region when the time comes!

10. Rogue

Rogue has once again made it back to the Worlds stage and earned a spot in the Worlds 2021 power rankings as the official 10th placer. The team is undoubtedly a challenger at the international scene who is looking to make upsets happen against their eastern counterparts. This year, Rogue has been consistent by taking the 1st place in both regular seasons but have found themselves coming short when it comes to the playoffs by losing against their more aggressive rivals.

Rogue playing in the LEC
The Kings of the Regular Season
  • Region: LEC (Europe)
  • Players to Watch: Inspired, Larssen
  • Regional Standings: 3rd Place (3rd Seed)

The team has been a delight to watch in Worlds 2020 since they incorporated creative cheese tactics to secure early leads that they hoped to translate into the late game. Now that the team has added some powerful additions to their roster, they might not need to resort to cheese tactics to keep up with the competition. They definitely have the potential to make it out of Groups as long as they don’t get placed in the Group of Death like last year.

9. Fnatic

Fnatic is a team that makes it to worlds every year and there’s no wondering why. Now that they have defeated Rogue and the superteam that is G2 Esports, they have proven that they are not just looking to have fun in the tournament. Despite having a rookie and a role-swapped jungler in their roster, they are looking like a big problem for the LCK and LPL since their plays revolve around unchecked aggression that has always been a double-sided blade in esports.

Fnatic's Summer 2021 Roster | Worlds 2021 Power Rankings
The Kingslayers
  • Region: LEC (Europe)
  • Players to Watch: Adam, Upset
  • Regional Standings: 2nd Place (2nd Seed)

The team often manages to make it out of Groups when they participate at Worlds, even making it out of the supposed Group of Death in 2019. Now that Rekkles is out of the roster, everybody might question if they’re going to have the same magic going into Worlds. If we’ve learned anything from watching Fnatic run the lower bracket in the LEC Summer Playoffs, the magic isn’t in one player alone but the fact that the team simply comes in clutch when everything is on the line.

8. LNG

LNG is the first of many LPL teams that will make it to our Worlds 2021 power rankings. Like in previous years, the LPL has once again brought in a completely unfamiliar team with a player whose name might sound familiar to LCK fans of the past. The addition of former Griffin player – Tarzan – has given the team some much-needed consistency. You may not know the names of the other players on this roster but we’re sure that you’ll remember them once the tournament is over.

LNG Tarzan and Iwandy getting an intervew
The Newcomers
  • Region: LPL (China)
  • Players to Watch: Tarzan, Ale
  • Regional Standings: 4th Place (4th Seed)

Since LNG only won the 4th seed, they’ll be competing in the Play-ins for a spot at Groups. This may sound like bad news for the wildcard competitors who will also be vying for a spot at Groups. If you’re an LPL fan, who watched the tragedy of LGD in 2020, you might feel nervous about this team. You might feel more comfortable knowing that the quality of the LPL seeds has increased dramatically this year compared to last year where the teams were shaky at best.

7. PSG Talon

PSG Talon is the only non-Major region that made it to our Worlds 2021 power rankings and rightfully so! While we keep referring to them as minor regions, the PCS is actually an Intermediate Region since it has 2 seeds, unlike the wildcards that only have 1 seed. This team will be performing in the main stage so fans don’t have to worry about them getting knocked out early in the tournament.

PSG Talon MSI 2021 Trailer | Worlds 2021 Power Rankings
The Defiant
  • Region: PCS (SEA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau)
  • Players to Watch: Maple, Unified
  • Regional Standings: Champions (1st Seed)

The team performed really well in the previous MSI 2021 tournament, making it to the Top 4 and even taking one game off eventual champions, Royal Never Give Up. The team has only become better since their time in Iceland going 18-0 in the regular season. They would have been higher on this list but their Semifinal game against Beyond Gaming has shown some exploitable weaknesses in the team that international teams can definitely abuse.

6. T1

T1 is finally back on the Worlds Stage and our Worlds 2021 power rankings wouldn’t be complete if this team didn’t make an appearance. With Faker back at the helm, they will be representing the LCK as the 2nd seed of the region and are looking really strong compared to last year which was really tough for the organization as a whole. The return of their team only marks the return of Eastern League of Legends dominance with both fans and players getting inspired by the return of the Unkillable Demon King.

T1 Summer 2021 Roster giving a combined thumbs up
The Return of the Dynasty
  • Region: LCK (Korea)
  • Players to Watch: Faker, Keria
  • Regional Standings: 2nd Place (2nd Seed)

The team performed exceptionally well during the Playoffs and later half of the Summer Season when they finally decided to switch up their coaching staff. Whether this will be enough to make them real competitors at the Worlds Stage depends entirely on the team’s ability to adapt to the competition. We’re ready to see the 3-time World Champions make an attempt to prove the world that they still have what it takes to win.

5. MAD Lions

MAD Lions have made an incredible improvement this year and though they fell one game short during the Mid-Season Invitations against Damwon Kia, they have only looked better since their last encounter. The lions are undeniably the strongest team in Europe right now and will be the region’s best shot at finally retaking the Summoner’s Cup for the first time since Season 1.

MAD Lions team meeting | Worlds 2021 Power Rankings
The Lion Kings
  • Region: LEC(Europe)
  • Players to Watch: Humanoid, Armut
  • Regional Standings: Champions (1st Seed)

This team is lively and looks like they’re having fun every time they play but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to be serious when the time finally comes for them to prove their mettle. In truth, we think any of the Top 5 teams on our Worlds 2021 power rankings can win if the meta favors their playstyle and they don’t begin to show signs of weaknesses when the time comes.

4. Royal Never Give Up

The MSI Champions manage to come back to the international stage despite being eliminated at the middle stages of the LPL Summer Playoffs. Despite their poor showing in the playoffs, the Regional Finals once again showcased the killer instinct that their composition had which earned them a top spot at our Worlds 2021 power rankings. Even though they’re just the region’s 3rd seed, you shouldn’t underestimate how good they actually are.

RNG MSI 2021 Trailer | Worlds 2021 Power Rankings
The MSI Champions
  • Region: LPL (China)
  • Players to Watch: Xiahu, GALA, Ming
  • Regional Standings: 5th/6th Place (3rd Seed)

The team is coming into the tournament still feeling high from their last international win. Even though they didn’t manage to prove themselves against EDG and FPX during the Summer Playoffs, we’re pretty sure that their current form can rival those two titans on the rift. With the new additions to the team now having international experience, there’s nothing that will stop them from gaining momentum in the Group Stage.

3. Damwon Kia

Damwon Kia has always been the frontrunner of the Korean League of Legends scene ever since 2019, solidified during the 2020 season when they finally won Worlds. As the defending World Champions, they are standing proudly as the ones sitting on the throne looking at the competition. Whether the addition of Khan will prove that they’re stronger internationally or weaker overall, the team is still undoubtedly a Top 3 team in the tournament.

Showmaker introducing Damwon Kia
The Defending World Champions
  • Region: LCK (Korea)
  • Players to Watch: Showmaker, Canyon, Khan
  • Regional Standings: Champions (1st Seed)

The team looked really shakey in the Summer Season with a few questionable losses that make people wonder if they’ve become complacent in their gameplay. However, this was also the case during the Spring Season but they managed to pull themselves together during MSI when they were competing for the trophy. The difference this time around is that the team isn’t planning to fall short during the final round of the tournament.

2. EDward Gaming

EDward Gaming is the champion of the LPL Summer Playoffs but we’re not putting them at the number 1 spot of our Worlds 2021 Power Rankings. The team has overcome every opponent so far in the tournament and are definitely looking like the best competitors in the region. However, their playstyle looks as if it is a counter-LPL style that is designed specifically to beat their competition domestically.

EDG Scout waving at the fans | Worlds 2021 Power Rankings
The Kings of the LPL
  • Region: LPL (China)
  • Players to Watch: Viper, Scout, Flandre
  • Regional Standings: Champions (1st Seed)

We’re not saying that EDward Gaming will get smashed by the foreign competition just because their playstyle is designed for a specific opponent. The reason we placed them in the number 2 is because we believe that they are still stronger than the foreign opponents but not enough that they’re looking invincible. When it comes to the international scene, the team needs to tweak their style a bit more to deserve the number 1 spot on this list.

1. FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix has been the world’s favorites to win the Summoner’s Cup even before the LPL playoffs even ended. While a lot of people have put FPX off their list as favorites when they lost to EDG in the LPL Finals, we still have faith that this team will eventually come out on top when the test of skill, resilience, and international experience calls upon those that are ready to head the call.

Doinb waving at the camera | Worlds 2021 Power Rankings
The Immortal Phoenix!
  • Region: LPL (China)
  • Players to Watch: Doinb, Nuguri, Tian
  • Regional Standings: 2nd Place (2nd Seed)

This team is simply an all-around monster that no other team in the world can equal. They have mastered their own aggressive style that suits them when playing for risky skirmishes while retaining advantages around the map. A lot of people may question why we put FPX on our top spot of the Worlds 2021 Power Rankings but when they win in the tournament, we’ll be looking back at this post once again.

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