Worlds 2021 Update: The Path to Success!

Every region has finally concluded their playoffs tournaments and regional gauntlet to finalize which teams will be representing them at the World Stage in Europe. As a final Pre-Worlds 2021 Update, we’ll be recapping the path it took for some of these teams to make it as well as some relevant news that fans might want to know about the teams they placed their faith on. As the tournament to determine the best of the best draws closer, everybody is getting more and more excited for the tournament to start.

Worlds 2021 Updates Venue

Last August 23, Riot Games announced that Worlds 2021 will be moving from China to Europe to increase the chances of teams being allowed to travel outside their country for the tournament. The Head of Esports – John Needham – explained that this decision was done so that fans will enjoy watching the event, rather than having incomplete groups since the event already announced that it won’t accommodate to a live audience whether it’s in China or Europe.

Ruler happily rushing towards the trophy - Worlds 2021 Update
Worlds 2021 is here!

Most media outlets also report that some regions, such as the LCS, were still having difficulties getting their Visas approved to China. As of September 9, there’s still no announcement where in Europe the event will take place but many speculate that they’ll hold it again in Reykjavik, Iceland following the success of MSI 2021. As fans, we all want our favorite team to win the international title by beating every other team in the tournament fairly so that we can solidify our claim that our region is the best.

Vietnam Will Once Again Skip Worlds

Unsurprisingly, the VCS will once again be skipping worlds for the same reason they skipped Worlds 2020 and MSI 2021. The country has strict protocols against Covid-19 and while they are allowed to go outside the country, it is extremely difficult to get back in once they’ve traveled outside. To prevent any complications that might arise for their players, the region ultimately decided not to pursue the international stage and instead wait again for the next tournament.

GAM Esports Levi doing a peace sign

For those that didn’t know, the VCS did not hold their Summer Season tournament and were planning to send GAM Esports and Saigon Buffalo, their top 2 teams in Spring 2021. Not having any practice for a few months may prove that it might have been a right choice for them to skip this tournament as well. Riot Games has not stated how Worlds 2021 updated their tournament format now that there are two fewer teams joining but we assume that they’ve already prepared a contingency for this occasion.

Worlds 2021 Updates on the Major Regions

As per the results of MSI 2021, both the LPL and LCK have received 4 seeds while the LCS and LEC have 3 seeds. Tournaments in the region have concluded and as per tradition, all first seeds in these regions will be taking the Pool 1 spot meaning they’ll be the big bosses of each group. The last seeds of these regions will be competing for a Groups spot in the Play-ins, unless Riot Games decides to promote Rogue to Groups if Riot Games decided to revise the play-ins format similar to last year.

SKT T1's entire roster - Worlds 2021 Update
The Best of the Best Are Here
  • LPL – EDward Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, Royal Never Give Up, and LNG
  • LCK – Damwon Kia, T1, Gen.G Esports, and HLE Esports
  • LEC – MAD Lions, Fnatic, and Rogue
  • LCS – 100Thieves, Team Liquid, Cloud9

Damwon Kia, MAD Lions, and 100Thieves all look miles ahead of the competition in their region while EDward Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix look like giants compared to the other teams in the tournament. Royal Never Give Up managed to secure a worlds spot thanks to their Regional Finals win, sending them back to Europe for a chance to win another international victory. It is widely accepted that LPL is currently the best region but both the LEC and LCK look like they might prove us wrong.

Worlds 2021 Updates on the Minor Regions

The Minor Regions, aside from the VCS, are also ready to go to Worlds 2021. The countries that will be participating are eager to earn themselves a spot at the main stage, especially since they had such a great standing in the last Play-ins tournament where Unicorns of Love managed to make it to the group stage. This year, the wildcard regions are hungrier than ever and want nothing more than to finally get a chance to shine in the limelight alongside the biggest names of the world.

UoL members giving high fives
Not Backing Down
  • PCS – PSG Talon, Beyond Gaming
  • LCL – Unicorns of Love
  • TCL – Galatasaray Esports
  • LCO – Peace
  • LJL – DetoNation FocusMe
  • CBLoL – Red Canids
  • LLA – Infinity Esports

Despite being branded as a minor region, PCS’ PSG Talon is actually one of the top contenders at Worlds and is possible a Top 10 team. They finished the season with a perfect 18-0 run and took one game off RNG in MSI. Unicorns of Love is also making a comeback after a rejuvenated roster and is looking to make it out of groups and take at least one game on the main stage. These “minor” regions shouldn’t be underestimated because their leagues have grown since their last appearance in Europe.

Following the Future King of the World

As the tournament draws closer, everybody wants to prepare their schedule to fit the 1-month event. Since the game is being held in Europe, fans can expect the games to start somewhere around 1 PM GMT so if you’re from the east, it’ll be playing from evening until past midnight. Adjusting your sleep schedule to make way for the games is key if you want to view the games live, which prevents you from being spoiled on the internet and feel the hype in real-time.

Caps looking down on us with a crown
Who will you be following?

For those that don’t want or simply can’t watch the games live, you can follow Worlds 2021 updates on social media to find out what happened. Alternatively, you can always watch the rebroadcast which is usually replayed at the Riot Games channels in YouTube and Twitch a few hours after live has ended. Fans can also watch highlights of the game in YouTube channels such as Onivia which releases reliable clips almost immediately after the game has ended.

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