Riot Games Under Fire For Rampant Worlds 2022 Bugs that Broke the Tournament!

The Worlds 2022 Tournament is nearing its conclusion with the Group Stages being over and the top 8 teams being placed in their respective brackets. While the there was no doubt that the teams that qualified to the next stage deserved their spots, the community can’t help but be angry since the Group Stage had moments where Worlds 2022 bugs heavily impacted the results of a game, causing people to question the handling of the tournament.

Worlds 2022 Bugs Run Wild in Group Stage!

During the Worlds 2022 Group Stage, know bug detective – Vandiril – found at least 5 major bugs that appeared in the different matches. However, only one of them was taken action by Riot Games with the remaining four being completely ignored. One of the bugs happened during the game with TES vs GAM which was a heavy contributor to why the team got eliminated out of Playoffs contention.

Bugs Caught in the Worlds 2022 Tournament:

  • RGE vs GAMOrianna’s Ultimate incorrectly showing animation of AoE (On top of Orianna instead of the Ball), making it impossible to dodge the ability if they are focusing on the ball’s location.
  • DRX vs TESGnar’s Boomerang changing direction to hit an enemy on the opposite direction of Gnar himself
  • FNC vs EDGPoppy does not draw turret aggro despite attacking a champion while in range during a dive
  • G2 vs JDGDarius’ ultimate going on full cooldown despite the target dying during the cast animation
  • TES vs GAMLucian taking full damage from Karthus ultimate despite having Maw of Maltmortius active, which would have otherwise given him enough health to potentially end the game.

Average players may not see having just five bugs as that much, but in the most important League of Legends tournament of the year, that is simply WAY too many to overlook. Fans are angry at the approach that Riot Games took as they continue to turn a blind eye on the fact that these bugs had a heavy impact on various games.

The Worlds 2022 Bug That Eliminated TES From Worlds

The most controversial Worlds 2022 bug comes from the TOP Esports vs GAM Esports match where Jackeylove’s Lucian took the full damage from Levi’s Karthus ultimate despite having Maw of Malmortius active. This event happened while TES were trying to take down the enemy Nexus and the damage from Karthus’ R managed to put Lucian just low enough for GAM’s Sett to take him down in one shot. If Lucian had lived for a just even one more second, he would have dealt the finishing blow to the Nexus. This was a huge upset as TES was one of the top teams coming into the tournament.

Unfortunately, the Maw of Malmortius did not block any of the magic damage dealt by Karthus’ ultimate during those final moments. TOP Esports lost the game against GAM, but went to defeat ROGUE and DRX to go 3-3. DRX went 5-1 in groups while ROGUE went 4-2. If TES had won the game against GAM, they would have gone 4-2, which would secure a tiebreaker match against ROGUE that might potentially give them the chance to qualify for the Quarterfinals.

Riot Games Poor Response to the Bugs

Riot Games immediately issued a response to the Orianna bug by disabling her briefly and then fixing the bug just a day after. This was applauded by the community, but more bugs appeared in other matches. Sadly, Riot Games kept quiet on these bugs, choosing not to make any more responses despite some of them being able to alter the results of these matches and the standings of Worlds overall.

Kha'zix looking like a white insect - Worlds 2022 bugs
The Worlds 2022 Bugs are ruining the tournament!

This has been one of the worst tournaments in recent years in terms of gamebreaking bug appearances. League of Legends has often had problems with bugs but it is completely unacceptable for them to make such heavy impacts on the Worlds Tournament. Many fans have been issuing for games to be replayed, as what they did with Royal Never Give Up during the Mid-Season Invitationals 2022 where RNG had to replay all three of their games during the first round robin.

“It Was the Teams’ Fault For not Calling Officials!”

Many other fans are not on the side of the competitors as they claim that it was the teams who were at fault for not reporting the bug during their matches. It is standard practice for teams to pause games if they think that a bug has disrupted the game so that the tournament officials may deliberate on what to do before the game concludes. Some of the teams affected did not call for a pause despite the appearance of the bugs.

On the other hand, it might also be unreasonable for the competitors to keep track of bugs happening during high-pressure situations where they focusing their attention on winning fights rather than catching anything off at every single moment. The Worlds 2022 bugs all happened during high-activity situations and it might be difficult for anyone who was not focusing on every single aspect of the game to notice the bugs as they happened.

Worlds 2022 Moving Forward

The Worlds 2022 officials may not take action on the bugs that happened during the Group Stage anymore as they have opted to proceed to the next stage. It is hard to say if more bugs will appear during the Knockout Stage, but if they do, we might not be able to rely on Riot Games’ support in resolving these matters. However, many fans and influences are starting to take notice on the company’s incompetence in these matters.

TOP Esports taking a bow - Worlds 2022 Bugs Issues
Riot Games, please fix your game!

It is clear that fans are not closely monitoring Worlds 2022 and the bugs that appear from here on out. The tournament was meant to show which teams were the best in the world but bugs continue to make it impossible to determine the outcomes accurately in these few games. Riot Games can’t continue to ignore the effects of these bugs especially with solid proof that they did indeed happen.

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